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Personal Nutrition

My approach is personal, non-judgemental, and tailored to your health goals. I will work with you to create and effective plan that fits around your life.

This holistic approach looks at the root causes and we address these in order to get you back on track for optimal health.

Digestive health and mental health is were it is at. There is no magic pill, this will be hard, but I am here to support you along in your journey.

When you are ready to make a change give me a call and I can help you shift your diet and lifestyle towards a more whole, nutrient dense one. Let’s live our best life, enjoy this life and body we have and care for it in the way we all deserve.

Alice offers complimentary 15 minute consultations, please reach out via the contact sheet below to arrange a time to chat.


Consultation package


1 hour consultation

2 x 30 minute follow ups

Diet and lifestyle analysis

Nutrition plan

Lifestyle plan