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What is wild fermented sauerkraut

It’s super easy and cheap to make sauerkraut at home. This method is called wild fermentation and you only need cabbage (and other veggies or fruit of choice), salt and herbs.

Where can I find your Wild Fermented products?

I am at the market with my sauerkraut and kimchi! Come and say hi. See a full list of market dates here

Do you belong to any professional associations?

I am a proud member of the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition Alumni Association. I am also a graduate of the Tante Marie School of Cooking, Woking, England and have a Degree in Hotel and Catering Management from Nottingham Trent University, England. I have a Business License from the City of Squamish and I am certified by FOODSAFE , the Province of British Columbia in safe food handling practices and requirements.